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IT Managed services are services that help you or your existing IT department focus on strategic tasks. We take care of routine desktop related tasks that need to be managed well to allow for a seamless work experience. Our managed IT services include all services related to your desktops such as: desktop support issues, the health of your desktops, phones, printers, scanners, software upgrades, and more.

An MSP offers similar services to multiple clients. Thereby, we gain a wealth of experience that benefits all clients. For example, if there’s a specific problem that occurs we use the knowledge gained from an incident and are able to predict similar problems with other clients and minimize the impact of the that issue.

Managed IT support provides:

  • Monitoring- we monitor your equipment and internet connection. We know about service interruptions before or at the same time that you become aware.
  • Security Updates-we regularly monitor, test and apply anti-virus and security updates
  • Planning-for major software, hardware or office moves
  • Standards-we create standards of your desktop environment by studying how you work

You can expect predictable monthly costs per service per user. Services can include any of the following:

  • Network Infrastructure Support
  • VoIP Services
  • Email Services
  • E-Fax Services
  • Desktop User Support
  • Cloud Based File Storage
  • Office Productivity Software such as: Microsoft Office
  • And more…

We have local support staff located in Los Angeles, Chicago and Cairo which allows us to provide IT support 365/24/7.

We come alongside your existing IT staff and provide them the bandwidth to focus on strategic planning while we take care of the everyday management of your Help Desk needs.

Our connections to your desktop are encrypted and password protected. We establish secure connections and regularly monitor the security of system.

We have 10+ years of experience with providing compliance regulations services such as: PCI Compliance, FDA 21 Part 11 and more. Email or call us to schedule an appointment.

For us to serve you best we need to know your existing environment. Our goal is for your work environment not be interrupted while we prepare to serve you. This preparation is key for your environment to be stable and for your staff to be minimally interrupted.

Updates and patches are normally applied during your business’ off hours to minimize disruption to your business. However, we can schedule updates based on your work environment and schedule and based on essential security updates.

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